The Thai Travel Jigsaw

01 August, 2017

Thailand has a way of making travel feel pretty manageable, but leaving just enough friction in the process that you feel like you had to make an effort to achieve your goal. When it comes to getting around, even the greenest of travellers finds a way to reach their destination. But this sometimes comes at the expense of time. And comfort. And convenience. That's where we can help.

There's no shortage of travel options in Thailand

Without a doubt, Thailand is rich in travel options and a relatively easy place to get around. For moving between regions of the country, there's an increasingly comprehensive network of internal flight routes - from both the national carrier and a range of newer budget airlines.

The bus network is good too, with comfortable VIP options on many longer routes. When you need to get from district to district, there's normally a range of transport possibilities, from song taews to local buses.

And within cities, on the whole, you'll find some mix of taxis (four or two-wheeled) and local tuk-tuk variants to get you across town. Bangkok, of course, has a number of mass-transit options. And, despite ongoing legal and political squabbling, modern mobile ride-hailing applications are becoming available in larger cities throughout the country.

But what about more extensive travel around a city, or within a province or region? How does the busy traveller discover and assemble the many pieces of the Thai travel jigsaw without spending hours researching? And even more hours making connections?

Private minivans simplify travel

That's where private minivans come in. Rentable by the day, complete with driver, they offer convenience and comfort. The convenience to set your own itinerary and schedule (and change it on a whim), combined with the comfort of a modern air-conditioned vehicle. So you can skip the transport puzzle altogether. And private minivans are exceptionally good value too.

Private vans are available throughout the country. Though rates and details vary somewhat from city to city and region to region, you'll find similar standards of service everywhere. And, in general, vans turn out to be a by economical way of getting around, too, particularly for families and groups. The only problem is, it's not always easy to get a van when you need one.

For local residents, the normal way to find a van is by calling around local travel agencies in the place you're visiting. Or, better, asking around in the hope that a friend of a friend can hook you up with a driver. If you're visiting from overseas, the latter isn't generally an option. So you end up relying on local agencies to make bookings - not always easy to arrange before arrival.

GetVanGo makes booking a van easy

GetVanGo set out to makes finding a van and driver less of a crap-shoot. We provide a simple online booking system, where you can quickly let us know your requirements (how many days, how many people, rough plan). Our software then finds a driver from our pre-qualified pool of local, independent van drivers. Typically you'll have a driver assigned within 12-24 hours. GetVanGo drivers are all experienced professionals, with excellent track records. So you know you'll be in good hands.

We've also standardised rates and expectations - so that both travellers and drivers are clear from the start on what to expect in terms of service and charges. That way there's no unexpected surprises and you're sure of a smooth, enjoyable trip.

In a way, we're that friend of a friend who can get you a van and driver. Just a bit more accessible and dependable.

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