Announcing Trip Ideas - Inspiration for your next Thailand road trip

29 August, 2017

With GetVanGo you are your own guide. Our guests love the freedom this gives them. But what if you're new to Thailand and not sure what there is to do? There's plenty of information online and in guidebooks. But we thought we could make planning your trip a bit easier.

So, today, we're launching Trip Ideas. A range of suggestions for full and multi day trips which are a perfect match for our service. Designed and written by local travel experts, they'll point you to some of the less obvious attractions of the region, while aiming for a good balance between being on the road and actually experiencing the delights of the country.

To be clear, these routes are not meant to be the final answer to your travel needs. They're offered more as suggestions and inspiration. They're meant to inform you about what's available and inspire you to branch out on your own. That said, they are complete, well-timed and usable as they stand.

Enough info for you... and your driver

Each trip is presented as it's own page on our site, complete with a route map so you can get a clear idea of which direction you'll be travelling in. This makes it easy to add or swap stops along the way. For each trip there's also a handy, printable version specially designed to take along with you. Even better, the print version contains a route outline in Thai, so your driver will know where you're going too.

North to Chiang Dao or south to Doi Inthanon

The first two trip ideas are online now. They both start in Chiang Mai and head to the hills: one is a day trip to Chiang Dao 80km north of Chiang Mai, and the other heads south to Doi Inthanon, Thailand's highest mountain. In Chiang Dao you'll be able to see elephants and the famous caves. While Doi Inthanon offers views, nature trails and waterfalls, making an especially good day out for families. Take a look, get inspired and, when your ready, book a van!

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