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Chiang Dao One Day Trip
1 Day


The Elephant Training Center Chiang Dao

Originally set up for logging, this elephant camp sits in a lovely forested part of the gorge through which the Mae Ping flows on its way south to Chiang Mai.
Time to spend here: 90 min

Chiang Dao Caves

Legend has it that a former Lord of Phayao disappeared in these caves, lured there by a female spirit. Visitors need not fear, however, for guides with lanterns make sure no one gets lost in this large network of caverns.
Time to spend here: 60 min


Choose from one of the following:

Khrua Chiang Dao

Around 200 meters north of the market in the small district town

Ban Yuu Dee Bistro

Around three kilometers north of town on the old road (not the bypass)

Saneh Doi Luang

A restaurant with a pleasant garden and good view of Doi Luang


Pang Daeng Palaung Hilltribe Village

The Palaung, or Dara’ang, of this village are relatively recent arrivals to Thailand, having fled military persecution in Burma in the early 1980s. Despite obstacles regarding land tenure, the Buddhist Palaung have endured and now create attractive clothing for sale.
Time to spend here: 60 min

Makhampom Art Space

Visit an art community amid the fertile flood plain of the River Ping; admire the art, have a coffee and just take in the mountains from the level of the paddy.
Time to spend here: 30-60 min

Tree House Thai Massage

Touring is an exhausting business, so lay back while the driver takes you high into the hills and to a bamboo haven with a view, and a platform for massage in the tranquility of the hills.
Time to spend here: 90-120 min

Wat Den Salee Sri Muang Gan

On the return to Chiang Mai, stop by Kruba Chao Thueang’s palatial reinvention of a once run-down village temple that has become one of the largest and most ornate examples of temple architecture in the north.
Time to spend here: 45 min

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