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(Not including fuel. Full details right below. 👇)

Pricing Details

Base Rate
2,200 Baht/day
10 hours of service*
Pay cash to driver. Upfront, fixed cost
~500-1,500 Baht/day
Actual fuel cost, start/end Chiang Mai**
Pay cash to driver during trip. Variable cost
500 Baht/night
For overnight stays away from Chiang Mai town for driver's food and accommodation
Pay cash to driver during trip. Variable cost
150 Baht/hour
For service beyond 10 hours per day
Pay cash to driver during trip. Variable cost
* Service time starts when the driver begins his journey to pick you up. Factor in driver's travel time.
** For pickup/dropoff not in Chiang Mai area you must pay for fuel to get the empty van to/from pickup/dropoff location.
Note: Early morning pickups in areas other than Chiang Mai (e.g. Pai, Chiang Rai) may incur an extra day's charge so that the driver can travel to the pickup location the day before service.

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Discover the Minivan Secret

  • Go where you want, when you want Enjoy total flexibility as your plans develop
  • Stay safe and avoid obstacles With an experienced local driver, the way will be smooth
  • Don't worry about the driving No need to think about driving regulations, parking or having a drink with lunch
  • Enjoy the journey You'll have time to chat, read, sing, and plan while you're on the road
Maximum 8-10 people per van
Depending on the specific type of van. More about vans
Maximum 6-10 pieces of luggage per van
Assuming medium size bags, and depending on number of passengers.
Fixed daily fee charged at the start of your trip
No charge at time of booking.
Fuel is not included - you will pay pump prices for gasoline/diesel (35-50 Baht/liter).
Daily fee includes up to 10 hours driver service
Beyond 10 hours per day, overtime is 150 Baht/hour (pay direct to driver)
Nights away from town: add 500 Baht/night (for driver's accommodation and food).

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