Terms and Conditions

GetVanGo is a service owned and operated by Intropica Co., Ltd. It provides a way for customers to book a minivan with driver for a single or multi-day trip. GetVanGo does not own or operate minivans. All van and driving services are provided by independent operators.

You can place a booking via the GetVanGo website. At the time of booking we will ask you for details including your name and email address as well as the details of your intended van trip. We'll use your email address to communicate with you about any changes and updates to your booking status.

After we have received your booking, we will share your requirements with our operational partners and member drivers. We will confirm your booking via email and keep you updated regarding any status changes.

The service rates quoted on this website cover up to 10 hours service per day from your assigned driver(s). You will be responsible for paying for a) fuel (at current pump prices), b) applicable entrance fees and toll fees during your trip, c) driver's accommodation at THB500/night for any overnight stays away from the base town where your trip began. Additionally, you may contract overtime services with your driver at a rate of THB150 per hour if he or she agrees. All these extra charges are payable directly to the driver.

Fuel is payable on a full-tank-at-origin basis. This means that if the van you book originates in Chiang Mai, then you must cover all fuel costs to get the van back to Chiang Mai at the end of your trip with a full tank. For one-way trips you will need to cover the fuel cost of moving the empty van either from the origin to your pickup point or from your dropoff point back to the origin.

All payments for service are to be made to your driver at time of service. You may pay in cash or other method agreed with your driver or contact person for your booking. In some cases, a deposit may be required to secure your booking prior to confirmation, In such cases payment will be made as agreed with your driver or contact person for the booking. Failure to make payment will result in cessation of any agreed services and possible legal action by the driver or his representative to recoup monies owed.

Cancellation: You may cancel your booking with no charge up to 7 days before your pickup time. You can cancel via email. Any deposits paid will not be returned in case of such cancellation.

Refunds: In the event that GetVanGo or our member drivers fail to provide the services agreed on, we will provide you with a refund equal in value to any money you have already paid for or deposited against service minus the cost of any service already provided to you.